"Browser Note"

"Browser Note" = Browser + TrackBall + SearchLauncher
- Search Launcher (with Google Suggest)
- TrackBall which can position the text cursor and define the text selection
- Google Suggest KeyBoard
- Twitter,FaceBook,Mail Support
- URL Schemes Support

(1)GoogleSuggest Support。TrackBall can position the text cursor and define the text selection


(3)Easy Access to WebSite

(4)Check the dictionary

(5)Check the wikipedia


(7)Search Launcher with a built in Google Suggest

(8)Web and App SearchList

(9)Twitter,FaceBook,Mail, WebSite_Bookmark Support

(10)Editor FullScreen

(11)Browser FullScreen


(10)File Folder

(11)Font Size

(12)URL Scheme

How do I use a URL Scheme?

"Web URL Scheme"
Please replace searchword with <@>
(Ex1)Wikipedia :: SearchWord=USA

"App URL Scheme"
(Ex2) Tweetbot

BrowserNote URLScheme

Launch "BrowserNote"

Create a new File with SomeText
・browsernote://post1?text= Some text here

Working with editing file
・browsernote://post2?text= Some text here

IdentifierWord(FileTitle) ⇒ <@sendtitle@>
IdentifierWord(FileText) ⇒ <@sendtext@>

Default Support Url Scheme

・Google Search
・Dictionary (Farlex)
・Dictionary (wordnik)
・Wikipedia Search
・Dictionary (Wiktionary)
・Dictionary (Lookwayup.com)
・Twitter Search
・Google Translate
・Yahoo! Answers
・Google News Search
・Yahoo News Search
・Bing News Search
・CNET News Search
・News Search (Webpronews)
・News Search (Ask.com)
・Google Image Search
・Flickr Image Search
・Google Map Search"
・YouTube Search

iPhone Bookmarklet

javascript:window.location='browsernote://post?kazunoko= ::: '+encodeURIComponent(encodeURI(window.location.href))


This App uses "UDBarTrackballItem for iOS".
The MIT License Copyright (c) - Uwe Dauernheim